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Are you an entrepreneur who is looking to grow your business online with ease and not have to worry anymore about where to go when you need tech support or who to turn to when you need business coaching? 

If you answered yes then I have the perfect solution for you, the Hey Ed Network where entrepreneurship is made easy! Alleviate your stress today and start growing your business online. 


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For one, I’m a real person who genuinely cares about helping other entrepreneurs avoid the pitfalls and online scams that paralyze so many of us. Second, this is my job – I research and stay up-to-date with technology daily.

I’m not only a “Techie” who can provide tech support, but I also bring to the table a unique skill set that encompasses business, marketing, sales, and customer service – helping your run a well-oiled machine.

I created Hey Ed out of a need to help non-techies easily understand how to use technology to grow their business online. Inside Hey Ed I teach entrepreneurs how to update their website, go live on Facebook, and really utilize the tools and resources that are available to all of us – this is all in addition to answering questions that come up.  

At the end of the day I teach you what you need to know, save you time, and put money back in your pocket so that you can invest more in your business. 

While I consider myself someone who can navigate their computer and iPhone fairly well, I am also one that had a laundry list of tech issues that had built up over the years and totally was ignoring them. And they were holding me back from my own greatness as an online business entrepreneur.

Basically, it’s (Hey Ed) like going about your techy business and being able to have help on standby when you get stuck. PLUS! The community is freakin’ genius!

Skip the drive to the Apple store, avoid paying fees to get help with computer questions every time you got one, and remove the tech obstacles holding you back from creating what you were put here to do. THATS the Hey Ed community.” - Jennifer Phillips (current member)

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About Ed

Ed Troxell (A.K.A. Tech Man), Founder of Ed Troxell Creative, is a Tech Expert & Business Coach who helps remove the overwhelm business owners face when running an online business. Ed has over 12 years of experience helping business owners easily use today's technology to increase productivity and drive more sales through his wildly popular online support network, Hey Ed.

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